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The BioGaia space strategy is built around eight pillars, based on the following criteria: Respect for social, mental, physical and environmental aspects.

Today, more and more consumers are turning to health habits, both preventive and curative, and to activities that lead them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

These action zones include : the health, balance and well-being of individuals, in line with current societal needs.


Providing quality services for everyone:

  • in response to their needs and expectations, depending on their health conditions...
  • during his discovery of Portugal,
  • in a search for conditions of well-being and comfort, safety and leisure,
  • access to natural resources for optimal health.

Pasta-making with the kids


Fragmented Rameal Wood




Recognize and promote the honesty and commitment of our employees towards our customers, families or partners as well as towards all those interested in the development of the BioGaia space.


Être agent d’innovation, par une planification constante et réajustée au gré de l’évolution et du développement de l’espace Bio-Gaïa. Une saine gestion doit contribuer à une amélioration de la productivité, du bien-être des collaborateurs et des clients.


Live the art of welcoming, providing an unforgettable stay and the full satisfaction of meeting everyone’s needs.


Act fundamentally according to two criteria: solidarity in action, respect for the identity of all the beneficiaries of our services.


Guarantee that all employees have recognized technical competence, ethical and moral values ​​which enable quality interventions.


Respect each person in their individuality, helping them develop their abilities and meeting their needs.


Maintain our relationships with local stakeholders and the economic strategies of the BioRegion while maintaining our welcoming policy.


Integrative health care, using the complementary medicine approaches recommended by the WHO, in association with recognized professionals.

The well-being of our residents by balancing the body using non-invasive, non-iatrogenic techniques.

Evaluation of
health parameters by...

Proposals for correcting potential imbalances through ...


Healthy food

Therapeutic nutrition

  • THERAPEUTIC FEEDING with dietary supplements (when necessary)

  • FRESH COOKED MEALS for residents requiring personalized care, in accordance with health restrictions (gluten-free, salt-free, etc.)

In collaboration with partners

  • PREPARATION OF THERAPEUTIC MENUS, specifically designed to meet individual needs.

  • DELIVERY OF MEAL TRAYS to residents or to homes in the municipality.

  • LEARNING WORKSHOPS to prepare meals adapted to personal needs.

events, short or permanent stays

Local accommodation (studio with access to common room), for people who want to take advantage of the services offered in our BioGaia space on an ongoing basis, or the possibility of camping on site.

ECO-TOURISM: Sightseeing tours in the BioRegion and NaturTejo Natural Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site).
Nature & Discovery leisure activities - Cultural events - Visits. Time-sharing vacations in self-contained bungalows.

Participate in local cultural events to take part in arts and crafts leisure activities.



Thematic seminars, training for integrative health technicians in rural areas.

In agriculture...

Organic farming, permaculture, composting, RCW (Ramial Fragmented Wood), organic gardening, ecological orchard management and rational pruning of fruit trees, animal husbandry (for each animal species...) in French and Portuguese.

In crafts...

Courses in : Eco-Building - Traditional Renovations, Weaving, Spinning and Vegetable Dyes - Azulejo Painting, Pottery, Sculpture - Bookbinding Techniques - Making candles, recycled paper, natural cleaning and cosmetic products (DIY - Do It Yourself)".

local products


Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, honey, herbal teas, aromatic herbs, wines

Creation of made-to-order baskets to sell surplus produce from the garden and our local collaborators

Regional and traditional dishes cooked locally


Local creations from the villages of the “Concelho”, chosen for their respect for ecology, tradition and aesthetics, to carry out sustainable development projects, whether they concern organic farming,  gardening, healthy cooking, cosmetics or ecological home care.

Here are a few examples:

  • Spinning, Vegetable dyes, Weaving, Azulejo painting, Pottery, Sculpture,
  • Traditional binding of old and new books, Jute dolls,
  • Workshop for making eco-friendly cosmetics and household cleaning products…


Production of RCW (Fragmented Ramial Wood), compost…

A range of services enabling you to use the same techniques at home.


Materials: Search for local resources (Wood, Cork, Straw, Cannis, Clay, Lime, Sand, Renewable energies, Ecological paints and varnishes, Wool)...

Techniques: Establish contacts with professionals working in the traditional way, or provide on-site training in Pisé, Bois cordé, Pierres sèches, Artisanal ceramic laying, Limed pointing, decorating personalized spaces with natural elements...

In the future, a demonstration park of several types* of self-contained buildings could be set up on the property, opposite the Natur'Tejo park.

* Types T1, T2 and T3 (sleeps 2 to 6) :

To prevent the appearance of saltpetre

Prohibit the use of cement. Replace with hydraulic lime, sand & fibre mixture.

  • Building with natural materials,
  • Use environmentally-friendly paints and varnishes,
  • Air conditioning, heating, hot water and electricity supply using renewable energies, aiming for self-sufficiency,
  • Install ecological sanitary facilities,
  • Recycle wastewater (lagooning and filtering),
  • Provide privacy with garden, terrace and access to common areas,