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Local authorities and numerous companies work with us on a daily basis.

A N D   F R I E N D S


BioGaia: which presents this ambitious, participatory project, through a magical place entirely dedicated to the community.

Website: https: //


O.N.S. (Objectif Nature Santé) :

ARAA-PT (Associação de Recursos Ambientais Alternativos) :

Portuguese association working to preserve the environment and hosting the Alternative Documentation Center (Centro Documental Raiano). Website: http: //

Aladas (Amis de LA Défense des Abeilles Sauvages): Association focusing on the preservation of bees. Website: https: //

IDANHA-A-NOVA, Portugal's first bio-region

A bio-region is based on the synergy of all the players in an area committed to agro-ecology. It’s the convergence of societal and socio-economic innovations, where people are at the heart of activities, to respond appropriately to the challenges of today’s agriculture, of life in rural areas and of the populations located at the heart of rurality. In Portugal, the Idanha-a-Nova bio-region, made up of 17 towns and villages covering an area of 1412 km2, is the first territory on the Iberian peninsula to join the Eco- or bio-region network, a sustainable development concept born in Italy.

BioGaia is one of the players in the Idanha BioRegion, which is at the forefront of the organic model of ethical, fair and solidarity-based rural development, enhancing the value of agricultural products, the territory that generates them and the producers who market them. The Idanha-a-Nova BioRegion: A land of excellence to discover!


for a better tomorrow...

Jean-Pierre Willem

Barefoot Doctors

Hiroko Kageyama

Culinary Messengers.

Organic Cizeron

Supplier of organic feed for livestock


Câmara Municipal de Idanha-a-nova


environmentally-friendly wood industry

Plastidom & Domplex

Articles for domestic, industrial and agricultural use