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BioGaia participatory campaign



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Good evening to all, friends near and far.



At the end of 2022, we started a crowdfunding campaign... Apparently, it wasn't the right time... but we're not giving up hope! We've heard from a few friends that the links don't always work and that they can't get involved... and others are waiting to come to us for a direct donation... but we have to act: requests for help from "seniors" for respectful accommodation are pushing us to "get moving".



We're sending you our request for support... because we believe in the strength that comes from united effort... (for example, these ants who unite to transport an earthworm! or others, a blown cereal star...). A small contribution from each and every ant will help lift the mountains that separate us from the results!





We invite you once again to become a PROJECT ENGINEER with us so that we can more quickly offer a different kind of welcome to those who need it, our elderly or people who need a place to "breathe", which is viable in terms of health, ecology, better living, solidarity...



Breaking solitude, allowing time to let go, regaining your health in the midst of nature, healing wounds of the body, heart and mind, finding a home where you feel welcome or simply stopping for a break... That's what we want to offer at Espace BioGaia... Will you join us? To find out more about our project, click on the link below or contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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